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In one of my previous entries, I mentioned a conflicting desire between attending Otakon 2017 and GenCon 2017. Unless I receive quite the substantial windfall ($500+ a week for tips, $500+ a month in book sales, and a lottery windfall of a substantial amount - something I'd told my best friend when we discussed this), I'm simply unable to afford attending both. Otakon is the weekend of August 11-13, and GenCon is the following weekend. My dilemma arose in that, of the conventions I've chosen to attend (and have registered for), only one is a convention I've attended (Tokyo in Tulsa), and I'm returning because I happen to live here in Tulsa. It helps the convention center is like a 5 minute drive away from where I live.

I've taken some time, consulted my best friend on the matter, and I've decided to make the return to Otakon. It's a bit further for a drive for me, but the pull of nostalgia draws me. And, no, I did not do "Eeny, meenie, miney mo" or "Bubblegum, bubblegum, in a dish" to make the decision. Nor did I draw the conventon's name out of a hat. (I'd have found some reason, I'm sure, to argue against the random chance-ness of the "winner".) I made my consultations, reflected on the matter, and decided with the information I had on hand.

I will be making a return to Otakon this upcoming summer. Right now, it will be attendee status only. Trying to get into Otakon's dealer and artist spaces are usually first come, first serve, and my server wages are just not enough to get that secured. With the exceptions of Tokyo in Tulsa and YoumaCon (final convention for 2017, unless I find one more after that to attend, and I have some major plans in mind for both), I'm more interested in attendee status for Shuto, Anime St. Louis, and Otakon. It gives me a little more freedom to attend some of the more interesting panels and allows for me to arrange meet ups with people interested in my work in original fiction and with the Star Ocean community (my biggest geek passion). Given what I've just learned about some of the latest happenings for Star Ocean, I'm about to geek out big time. It definitely makes me glad I'm cosplaying as Fayt for the conventions. It's a variant, for the moment, but that doesn't mean I won't be expanding on him!

I'll be working on getting the registration done for Otakon within the next month. Once I'm registered, I'll announce that particular confirmation. The same goes for YoumaCon.

As far as conventions go, I'm also aiming to conduct a panel or two at Tokyo in Tulsa and at YoumaCon. I need to solidify some ideas and present them to the convention organizers. When I know anything for certain, I will announce it immediately on facebook.

I'll announce times in which I'm available to meet people at ShutoCon. There are some panels and photoshoots I want to attend, and I will definitely have books and bookmarks on hand!