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Here is the current list of my 2017 Events Calendar.
Shuto Con: March 17-19, Lansing, MI
Anime St. Louis: May 12-14, St. Louis, MO
Tokyo in Tulsa: July 14-16; Tulsa, Oklahoma*

I am looking into writing conferences and book fairs as well as other anime conventions such as Otakon (August), Denver Comic Con (also in July) and YoumaCon (end of October, beginning of November).
To note about this current list of events: I am an attendee only, but I will have copies of all four of my current publications on hand for sale (free to those who participate in the Cosplay Giveaway) as well as some freebies for those who find me and speak with me. The * next to Tokyo in Tulsa simply means I can apply for an exhibit booth in the Artists Bazaar (and have done) for the event and can upgrade as they sound like they have a vetting process much like Anime St. Louis. The exhibition space will help with something I have in mind specifically for Tokyo in Tulsa. What that will be will be announced in the upcoming months. Again, it does depend on what I get accomplished between now and then.
Hope to see everyone there!