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There is one thing I have learned over the course of the year, and that has been who I dare speak to about my publications. Each city, each person gives off a different vibe.

And I have talked to people about Portal to Gaming. Granted, it has not been a lot of people. Each situation is different naturally, but sometimes it's a gamble either way.

So far, the dice have rolled in my favor. The handful of people have actually been very impressed to hear my first publication has a gay main character. I do reiterate that it isn't a gay love story (because it's not). I've even been told good for me on this so . . . I'm rather pleased by these results.

Now, mind you, I understand not everyone is going to be thrilled that my first novel has a gay main character. In fact, I do expect more than a few to be displeased and to turn away from the series. But this is also my vision. This is a world I can get behind, not just because of the wonder of what the future could hold and the different worlds we could see, but because it won't be unusual to have gay people walking down the street without fear, to have people of color not be looked down up as though they're nothing more than criminals, and for women to be totally kick-ass, the same way as men, and for men to be more . . . expressive with their feelings beyond displays of anger. I have loved the science-fiction and fantasy genre for as long as I can remember. I love it when the main characters are expressive, not just with things like joy and anger but with sadness and uncertainty. Do I get annoyed when a female character tends to carry things too far? Of course, I do. There comes a point where anger, sadness, frustration, and all of those other negative emotions need to just melt away, be the character male, female, or idenitfying as something else completely. If the character doesn't do that, despite his or her status in the story, said character is ultimately weak, in my estimation.

But then it's more than just the characters that draw me into the realm of science-fiction and fantasy. It's the worlds created within that are just so magnificent. I love the visuals for games like Star Ocean and Final Fantasy. Sure, there are some things that will look similar to this mundane world we live in, but even those mundane things aren't so mundane. They possess their own energies and spirits. It's about traveling to worlds we can still only imagine. Even urban fantasy possess a type of magic and wonder that is just so . . . beautiful to me.

And that's why I like to write science-fiction and fantasy. I can create these worlds and hope what I envision in my head translates well into the written word without it sounding so clunky and lumpy and lame.

I am an inspired soul.

Now, for a little bit about The Twilight of the Gods
From The King and Queen of Wands

"About Snow in Olympus:
Readers have lamented about the missing scenes from The King and Queen of Wands. I have read their words, and I’m pleased to announce I will be publishing The Twilight of the Gods along with Arc of Fantasy. The Twilight of the Gods will feature the missing scenes from the time Loki and Freya join the Olympians with Ares and Athena in Asgård and the chaotic consequences that follow.
Snow in Olympus is the first book slated for the series and follows Freya and Loki as they try to navigate the very different playing field of Olympus. In addition to facing the many enemies of the Olympians, the two must contend with the Olympians themselves. Freya has two warring brothers competing for her affections and the jealousy of Hera and Aphrodite
Not to mention what will happen when one puts Loki, Dionysus, and Hermes in the same room.
But the story is more than just fun and games. There’s unfinished Ragnarök business, something that will haunt Asård and Olympus as they seek to set up their treaties and learn how to deal with each other as deities.
Olympus and Asgård will never be the same again."

There's a bit of a snafu with this particular series right this moment, one that I need to resolve, but it should be fun all the same. The snafu itself has prompted a search into Greek Goddesses and brought about an interesting and potential conflict for Thor, our favorite dorky but lovable God of Thunder. I look forward to how this particular twist will play out, hopefully leaving a few things intact, or things I've already done will be meaningless and pointless.

One final note: I'm now more than just a little halfway to my goal for ISBN purchase. However, I have discovered the price went up by $45 since the last time I checked. Not to worry, though. It's hardly a major deterrent. I still have over $100 to go, but, if things go the way I'm being told they will go for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, everything will be set, and my three published stories will be available as audio and paperbacks.

The future holds so many possibilities!