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 So the other day I posted to facebook that I am homeless and staying in a shelter. It was something I figured would happen upon moving out to Washington. I didn't have much money, an expired driver's license, and nothing lined up for work or a place to live. I also have no family in Washington - I have two very casual acquaintances in the entire state and really not a lot of support from either one for a variety of reasons. It was a very risky venture on my part, and I admit that I was very naive about a lot of things.

It's one that's also been paying off. While I will not say which shelter I'm staying at - this is out of respect for the people who run the shelter and for the safety of the women who are also staying there - I will say this. My life hasn't nearly been as difficult or as fraught with hardships as I used to believe. There are so many women, so many people who have never had a safe haven their entire lives. I'm very fortunate that, until I moved out here, I had a place to sleep, food on the table, and clothes on my back. I'd been surrounded by the love of family my entire life. And that isn't a bad thing because some of the women who are in the shelters haven't had that. They've never had that kind of stability, that kind of home environment, and, while mine wasn't always the greatest (told my counselor when I was 16 I thought my dad was manic-depressive because of his up-and-down mood swings), I now know my life could have been a lot worse than what it was.

I am still seeking work in Bremerton, where I'm currently staying, where I've been for the last month. The goal now is to something that will pay halfway decent, be it seasonal or something a little more long term and will give a lot of hours. I need to save up what I can to move to Philadelphia, be it after the holidays, when my 90 bed nights are up, or even six months from now. This hasn't been a wasted trip. I wouldn't change a thing about my life and where my path has taken me. I feel much closer to my Gods now because I listened to them on what they wanted me to do, where they wanted me to go, and I'll keep doing what I can to hear them, to listen to them, and to do what they need me, what I need to do.

There's a lot that I can't do right now - be out after a certain time of night, can't work any midnight/overnight shifts, drink, be wild (not that I would, anyway) - but the pay offs on a lot are still there. I'm homeless but not out of hope or happiness. I have a deeper respect for what others go through. I've been blessed with a lot of kindness from others in situations like me. I feel like I'm growing stronger every day I'm out here, and I look forward to the next adventure each day brings. It usually means finding a computer to seek work and a place to rent either as a month-to-month contract or a six month contract, but there's always something new.

I only have one thing I'd ask of anyone who reads this journal. If you see a homeless person, offer that soul something, be it a meal, a blanket, a ride, a place to stay for the night, or just a friendly ear, and fight for change for them. You truly don't know what a single act of kindness can do for someone. It creates an ever lasting beauty, and it will be remembered.