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I'll be releasing Sigyn's Flowers on June 28th at noon central time, both as an ebook and as paperback. I'll also be hosting a meet-and-greet in which I'll have a limited number of signed copies of all publications on hand for sale.The location will be announced as soon as I have a bit of a headcount. As I'm back in Tulsa and back to working for Ihop, I want to hold it at the place where I work so I can at least provide coffee for all attending. The head count is as much for my boss as it is for me. We're not a big store so it's okay if people come for a while then leave or come later than 10 am.

This is my fourth publication and one I'm very excited to announce.

The meet-and-greet is scheduled for 10 am.
The book releases are schedule for noon.

Mark your calendars!
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A few weeks back, I mentioned that I'd be announcing where I was moving to as part of the Moving Forward Monday section of this journal. As people may have noticed, that kind of . . . didn't happen.

Not for a lack of not wanting to say something but, on the actual moving day, things weren't going as I'd hoped. I'd wanted a rental car to be able to bring with me everything I wanted to upon my departure from Tulsa. The rental car was a no-go, at least through Enterpise, and I didn't have time or access to the internet to find another. Much to my chagrin, I had to leave quite a bit behind (but will be getting it before the year is over) and take the bus. I was not thrilled by this, but I made due.

So where did I cast myself to? It probably shouldn't come as a surprise to my facebook friends. I've moved to Louisiana, specifically the New Orleans area. I'm currently residing in Gretna and making plans to move closer to the French Quarter in the future.

It's been a very fun (and sometimes nerve-wracking) experience. The French Quarter is AMAZING. Being there is like being in Philadelphia. For me, I can see the history and feel it coming up from the bones of the Earth. I've had gumbo and po-boys and a couple of Hurricanes to boot. I feel right at home here. I felt an excitement upon arriving in Louisiana that I didn't feel in either Washington or Pennsylvania, despite loving my time in Philadelphia. I have two awesome roommates and I'm slowly getting myself situated, but there's no denying the New Orleans area is where I'm meant to be.

Hooray for me! Louisiana is another place I'd never been to before until getting on that bus and taking off. I left some very wonderful people in Tulsa behind physically, but they're always in my heart, their numbers in my phone, and in my friends' list.

I will eventually set up a post office box for people to write to me. I have a few other things to take care of first before I do that, but it's on my to-do list.

Thanks everyone for your patience. I'm working on doing better on all aspects of my life, including this writerly thing I've chosen for myself.

In some other news, Sigyn's Flowers is complete . . . ish. I wasn't terribly happy with the ending but have let it rest for about a week. This morning, some inspiration struck and now to get those ideas onto the pages so the story has a better ending and won't feel so much like a chapter section. I also was aiming for a May/June publication date for the story but am finding myself reconsidering pushing it back awhile. We'll see what the critiquers have to say about it.

Up tomorrow: What I'm Currently Reading