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I realize that my friends' list for this journal isn't exactly the largest, nor are they large on my two main facebook accounts. However, I'm friends with people who know more people than I do, and are seemingly more popular than what I am. :) I find this to be a very good thing.

I have to give a very good shout-out to my old classmate, Mike Clawson, for asking the people he knows a very important question for me, and I just read the answers thus far today. I found the answers to be quite refreshing, considering the type of people that were being asked.

I asked my friend to ask his Christian friends and associates whether or not they believe there is life on other planets. I've asked for this demographic because, well, there are plenty of Christians out there who read (and write) science-fiction novels, and I want to be sure I'm not misrepresenting them in my current work in progress, The Genesis Mission. I know I could ask the Christians in my local area, but I feel I know what the answers would be. Having stumped a preacher last June at an uncle's funeral with such inquiries and receiving about the same answers really only drives the answer for what local people would say to me. I chose Mike because, well, we graduated high school together, I know how deeply founded in his faith he is, and, from becoming friends with him on facebook, have learned he's a former pastor who seems quite liberal compared to the type of Christians I know. Mind you, I live in Northern Michigan, have limited access to pretty much everything except the internet, and stepping into a church for anything other than a wedding sets me a little on edge. Past childhood experiences of being told by one side of my family that I had to go to church, whether or not I really wanted to be there, have colored me so, whenever I've stepped into a church, I feel as if they're out to convert me because it's what they have to do in order to boost their congregations and to "prove" that they're doing their God's work. Thanks to the people I've met over the Internet, I know not all Christians are like this, that many are content to let others find religion on his/her own, but it doesn't erase that fear they're out to force religion down my throat. Because of the local demographic and how one of the preachers from the local mega-church who attended my one uncle's funeral answered my questions, I feel almost guaranteed I know how people in my area will respond to the "Do you believe there is life on other planets" inquiry. (The answer would be "No. The Bible doesn't mention life on other planets so therefore life on other planets doesn't exist." Yes. That's about how the preacher last summer answered me.) I didn't want the local devout demographic that I can conceivably talk to about this to color how I write a larger group of people. And, yes, it is important for me to talk to the devout Christians about this, not just those who are science fiction and fantasy geeks. Some of the greatest science-fiction and fantasy authors are devout Christians. If I could ask the same question of Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists, I'd do it in a heartbeat. :) The more I know, the better off I'll be when writing futuristic mankind's history. :)

The people who answered Mike's question on his facebook page didn't answer that way. It's still a very small demographic of people answering the question, but it's enough to help me with some of the historical parts that I'll be writing for The Genesis Mission.

If anyone else would like to offer his or her thoughts on the possibility of life on other planets, please feel free to leave me a comment. If your faith plays a factor into whether or not you believe or don't believe, please give me a reason as to why. Just know, saying "The Bible doesn't mention it so it therefore doesn't exist" doesn't count. The Bible has never mentioned dinosaurs, and we know they exist. ;)

Hope everyone's having a good Monday. I've got a dog wanting attention from me, and I can't let her in my lap while I'm at my sister's computer. The chair just doesn't allow for it.

Ta-ta for now!