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Fen Willows is the nineteen-year-old son and only child of Farold and Victorie Amie Willows, two universally renowned alien archaeologists, top authorities and pioneers in the field. Fen lives an idyllic life in a shining future where, over the centuries and two more brutal world wars, mankind has achieved tolerance and expanded to the stars. He goes to college, following in his parents' footsteps to become an alien archaeologist, and, in his free time, hangs out with his best friends, Daniel and Wolfgang Evans.

The idyllic life is not for Fen. Unlike most others his age, he longs for travel and excitement, like what his parents have. however, war with an alien race known as the Salmorians keeps him on Earth while his parents continue to travel to dig sites and aid the military in information and weapon advancements. On the heels of a painful break-up, Fen takes to the simulators of Portal to Gaming, the biggest name in information technology and entertainment.

There, Fen's life is turned upside down by three simple words.

"Draw your sword."

A stranger confronts him after a quest with his friends. Strange phenomena happen around him, things that he knows if he tells anyone, they'll keep him from Portal to Gaming longer and extend the days of his boredom. 

Unbeknownst to Fen, doorways are opening up, and his parents are at the heart of the chaos, and his gaming adventures have been more than what they seem. Farold and Victorie Amie have secrets of their own, ones that can alter the course of the war and his life.



Portal to Gaming is a science-fiction/fantasy blend of a novella with a surprise twist. Available on Amazon Kindle for $3.99