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Portal to Gaming
Portal to Gaming is the first story in my six book series, Arch of Fantasy. Arch of Fantasy is a science-fiction/fantasy blend involving space travel, multiple worlds, and the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. The series itself features several different heroes, each with specific goals and tasks.
Portal to Gaming introduces three of those heroes, nineteen-year-olds Fen Willows and his best friends, twin brothers Daniel and Wolfgang Evans. Fen is the only child of Farold and Victorie Amie Willows, two universally renowned alien archaeologists and pioneers in the field. Set in a shining distant universe, mankind has achieved all kinds of wonderful, beautiful things, such as space travel and equality for all. Life on Earth itself is idyllic, peaceful . . . and not for Fen. He longs for travel and excitement, anything to distance and distract himself from the painful break-up with his boyfriend. However, war with an alien race known as the Salmorians keeps Fen stranded on Earth while his parents, thanks to military funding, continue to travel to dig sites, hoping to uncover anything to end the war. To gain what his heart desires the most, Fen takes to the gaming simulators of entertainment juggernaut, Portal to Gaming. Daniel and Wolfgang join him.
It is in the simulators that Fen's life takes a dramatic turn towards the interesting and bizarre. A stranger approaches him from behind and utters three words.
"Draw your sword."
He does so, but the fight never happens. Fen is whisked away to the safety of the real world where he's told no one approached him. Fen, who is suspended for two days, and his friends leave the facility.
Life is about to become more complicated for Fen. Strange events take place around him when he least expects it, and he's at a loss for how to explain them. He's convinced he's not going crazy, but Fen keeps the incidents to himself, a secret of his own to bear.
Fen isn't the only one with a secret. His parents and his best friends have a few of their own as well. The ones his parents keep are at the heart of the conflict with the Salmorians, and they are ones that will alter the universe. Forever.
Portal to Gaming is available on Amazon Kindle for $3.99
The King and Queen of Wands
The King and Queen of Wands is a fantasy short story, blending the Greek and Norse pantheons.
Rumors are circulating around Asgard - Loki and his son, the dire wolf Fenris, have broken free of their bonds. The time for Ragnarök, their doom, is at hand, thus putting the Gods of Asgard on edge.
Loki and Fenris never show.
For weeks, the Gods wait and prepare, wait and prepare, only for the impossible to happen.
After three long, harsh winters, spring, colorful spring blooms. The change of events disturb Odin, Allfather and King of Asgard, and he decides to investigate the truth behind the rumors. With his son Thor, he heads to the cavern where Loki and his son were bound away.
Zeus has it made. He is the King of Olympus and all the Gods. Even his elder brothers bow to his might. He has a beautiful wife in Hera, the worship of the mortals, and kingdom filled with plenty of food. The lives are the mortals are his to play with as he deems fit. Life is grand for there are no others like him.
Or so he assumes.
Everything changes the moment Hermes approaches him and says words he never expects to hear. There are trespassers in Olympus. Worse, they are stealing from the sacred groves, and they are not mortals. Curious and a bit angered, he sets out with Artemis and Athena to capture the thieves and to bring them to justice.
Loki is hungry. For centuries, he and his family have had little to nothing to eat. For centuries, he's sworn vengeance upon the Gods of Asgard for their slights and insults and for the deaths of his sons, Narvi and Vali. However, things have changed. His wife, Sigyn, needs food more than she does vengeance for the loss of their children, and Loki intends to care for her. Fortunately for him, he's stumbled into a land where food is plentiful and the weather warm. No one will mind if he takes a few things here and there.
Worlds are about to collide with interesting and devastating consequences.

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 I'm pleased to announce that, by the end of this week, The King and Queen of Wands will be available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. Price will be announced on the publication date.

About The King and Queen of Wands
The Gods of Asgard are on edge. Rumor has it Loki and his son Fenris have broken free from their bonds, the final precursor to Ragnarök. They've prepared for this moment. They're ready to face their deaths valiantly and with honor.

Only Loki never shows. 

Instead, spring, beautiful spring starts make its appearance for the first time in years, and the mortals are slowly forgetting what was to befall them. For Odin, this is a sign something has happen to alter the course of fate. Loki's desired vengeance and justice for some time. He isn't one to let go of a grudge, and the Allfather wants to know why.

For Zeus, King of Olympus, life is good. The lands he inhabits are abundant with people and food, and he and his fellow Olympians are secure.

Until Hermes announces there are trespassers stealing food in their sacred groves. Worse yet, the Messenger claims a large black wolf accompanies them. Determined to bring the thieves to justice and to slay the wolf, Zeus sets out with two of his daughters to capture them.

Loki is hungry. For centuries, the Gods of Asgard hid him away, bound to a rock with the entrails of his son Vail and a serpent hanging over his head. His wife Sigyn endured his torment with him, and they've finally broken free. But his wife's told him something that's made him rethink his desire for vengeance and destruction upon his former allies. With his wife and son, he flees to find food and freedom.

Worlds are about to collide, and tragedy will strike. The Gods of Asgard and Olympus will never be the same again.


The King and Queen of Wands is a Tarot-inspired story and a prequel of sorts for Portal to Gaming.

About Portal to Gaming:

Nineteen-year-old Fen Willows lives an idyllic life. Both of his parents are universally renowned alien archaeologists, pioneers of the field. He studies alien archaeology and plans to follow in the footsteps of his parents, used to have a boyfriend, and enjoys spending his free time hanging around with his best friends, Daniel and Wolfgang Evans.

The idyllic life, however, is not for Fen. Earth is too boring, too bright, too shining for him, but war with the Salmorians keeps him from joining his parents as they travel to ancient civilization sites. Bored and on the heels of a painful break-up, he takes to the virtual reality simulators of Portal to Gaming, one of the leading companies in entertainment and information technology, and where he feels most at home.

There, his world is turned upside down by a stranger determined to fight him for reasons unknown. No one else sees the stranger, and Fen is left to defend his sanity on the issue.

After the confrontation, strange phenomena start to follow Fen around - moments where he stands in his gaming world and moments where destruction is raining down around him.

Unbeknownst to Fen, the war with the Salmorians runs deeper. His parents harbor secrets, ones that can change the course of the war, and his life, forever.

Portal to Gaming is available on Amazon Kindle for $3.99.


Upcoming holiday season:

Portal to Gaming 
will go on sale one more time, just in time for the holiday season. Price and run time will be announced next week.

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 I'm very pleased to announce that Portal to Gaming is now for sale on Amazon. Currently, it's an e-book only, and the cost is $4.99.

About Portal to Gaming

Portal to Gaming is the first story in a series called Arch of Fantasy, and focuses on nineteen-year-old Fen Willows. He's the son of two universally-renowned archaeologists, Farold and Victorie Amie Willows. He attends college, following in his parents' footsteps. Though set in the distant future, post World War IV, jobs are mostly inherited. What your parents do for a living, chances are, you will do as well. Fen doesn't mind becoming an alien archaeologist. He's a curious young man, interested in learning.

School is winding down for the summer for Fen and his best friends, Wolfgang and Daniel Evans. His friends are looking forward to participating in an upcoming questing adventure called Arch of Fantasy by Portal to Gaming. Fen just wants to forget about his break up with his boyfriend. The Greco-Roman-Norse epic quest options don't thrill him as much as they do his friends, but he's willing to log in the hours with them. Fighting against Orcs and Kobolds relieves the tension. After all, it's only a game.

Or so Fen thinks. 

A stranger approaches him, starting a fight. It is this event that will be the beginning of his life turning upside down. 

Greater powers are at play, and Fen is one of many caught in the middle. His life will be turned upside down with no guarantee for the future.

About Arch of Fantasy
Arch of Fantasy is a multi-story arch with a blend of science-fiction, fantasy, and mythology. 

The second story in the series, The Sons of Thor, will follow Wolfgang and Daniel Evans as they try to make sense of everything that's happened. The sons of two top-ranking military commanders, Wolfgang and Daniel are proud, confident, and strong, but they are not prepared for what's coming. They, too, will be in for twists and turns and revelations as they seek out King Lopt's two-headed fire wyvern. Secrets will be revealed to them that will either break their spirit or make them strong.

Tentative release date for The Sons of Thor is September 28, 2014.

More about the series will be posted in later updates.


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