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Well, this author is, quite honestly, all pooped out. For the last two weeks, I had two days off. Total. I had the fifth and the eleventh off. Everything else was due to holidays or in-company promotions.

In addition to working six days straight last week, I attended a local anime convention called Tokyo in Tulsa on Friday and Saturday. I didn't figure I'd be out in time to go Sunday, and, from previous convention experience, figured the day to be a wash anyway. Fridays are the start up and have better selections in the dealer room, Saturdays have the most in terms of panels.

There was a panel that, upon learning about it later, I would have loved to attend on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was at work at the time of the panel and didn't know about it until after I'd asked my sister for her convention itinerary. It was about adaptive writing for things like screenplays. One of my dreams is to eventually write a couple of screenplays so that would have been fun and informative for me.

I did get to attend two panels, hosted by a Jason Petty (a self-published author - his book is called The Vampire of Meadow Lake), and they were on airships and steam. These weren't about their uses by authors for the fantasy and steampunk genres but actual information on the airships of the late 1800s and early 1900s and the power of actual steam and how everything about both has impacted our every day lives. Jason was not at all boring in his presentation and, if you see him hosting a panel at a convention near you, attend it! You will get something out of it.

I also scored some convention booty. Friday, I picked up a Loki bobblehead, something I'd been seeking for a while, and fye was a vendor there. I also traded four of my books for some Loki fan art and a Loki fan art laminate by one of the artists and another set of books for another book by a self-published author. What I basically did on Friday with the books was hand them out in sets of four. One was to the local library booth (which they can hopefully be put into circulation at one of the libraries), another set to a second artist (she had some lovely Generation One Transformers art but nothing that appealed to me for a trade), aaaaand to a Loki cosplayer. Didn't sell anything, just gave them away. Saturday, I was writing down some of my information for people (name and the titles of my published works). I'll be getting something else to hand out at future conventions. Saturday's selections were a set of leather wrist cuffs (blue) for a cosplay I started working on in 2013 (need to redo the shirt; got the wig and now the wrist cuffs), a leather pouch for any fantasy-themed costume, a small polar bear plushie (he likes belly rubs - I think I'll name him Loki), and a skeleton key necklace from a steampunk-themed vendor who had mainly jewelry and pocketwatches for sale.

The convention itself is not bad. It is a homegrown thing, had some musical artists from Japan there, had a variety for vendors, and an excellent array of panels and cosplayers. I was actually a bit shocked to see some younger people in cosplay for older animes and the like. My sister dressed as Cyrelle from Shining Force EXA.

Being tired was not working in my favor. I wasn't really completely impressed with the convention itself. I did have some fun, enjoyed talking with people, but I didn't get a sense of community, as it were. I know anime covers basically anything and everything related to anime and manga. For me, it just wasn't really . . . cohesive, in a manner of speaking. And I was shocked to see Barnes and Noble with a table there with wares that they sell every day of the week. I understand the bookseller was a sponsor, and it is nice to see them support such a wonderful community. I just guess my feelings here go back to the BotCon days when a lot of the vendors were also fans and it was acceptable to have fan-created items in the dealer room. It also feels like they're trying to take on the juggernaut, Otakon, in some ways.

Ah well. Like I said. I was tired. I worked every day of the convention but only attended two days. Next year will be a completely different story!

In the meantime, as far as conventions are concerned, I'm looking into a potential circuit for 2017. I definitely want to go to World Fantasy Con, Dragon*Con, San Diego Comic Con (not holding my breath for 2017, though), Otakon, and GenCon, possibly back to Tokyo in Tulsa and ShutoCon. For this year, I'm going to keep checking website for the Expo Center here in Tulsa and the Cox Business Center. The next one, for sure, that I want to attend in Tulsa is the local Comic Con, which will be in October. Again, I will have copies of my books available with me. I might even be in cosplay.

And this . . . this is for the cosplayers out there. Any Loki cosplayers, be it from Marvel, Fairy Tale, or even just from the Norse myths, if you find me (or I find you), I will give you a free copy of my stories. You'll get to pick. Thor and other Norse cosplayers will receive a discount. I'm also willing to do trades for artwork and books.

I will have bookmarks and business cards, too, because, unless I get a dealer space, I will only have a limited number of books on me.

Now to get back to writing. Have a good Monday, everyone! (Don't laugh! It's my day off!!)
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A few weeks back, I mentioned that I'd be announcing where I was moving to as part of the Moving Forward Monday section of this journal. As people may have noticed, that kind of . . . didn't happen.

Not for a lack of not wanting to say something but, on the actual moving day, things weren't going as I'd hoped. I'd wanted a rental car to be able to bring with me everything I wanted to upon my departure from Tulsa. The rental car was a no-go, at least through Enterpise, and I didn't have time or access to the internet to find another. Much to my chagrin, I had to leave quite a bit behind (but will be getting it before the year is over) and take the bus. I was not thrilled by this, but I made due.

So where did I cast myself to? It probably shouldn't come as a surprise to my facebook friends. I've moved to Louisiana, specifically the New Orleans area. I'm currently residing in Gretna and making plans to move closer to the French Quarter in the future.

It's been a very fun (and sometimes nerve-wracking) experience. The French Quarter is AMAZING. Being there is like being in Philadelphia. For me, I can see the history and feel it coming up from the bones of the Earth. I've had gumbo and po-boys and a couple of Hurricanes to boot. I feel right at home here. I felt an excitement upon arriving in Louisiana that I didn't feel in either Washington or Pennsylvania, despite loving my time in Philadelphia. I have two awesome roommates and I'm slowly getting myself situated, but there's no denying the New Orleans area is where I'm meant to be.

Hooray for me! Louisiana is another place I'd never been to before until getting on that bus and taking off. I left some very wonderful people in Tulsa behind physically, but they're always in my heart, their numbers in my phone, and in my friends' list.

I will eventually set up a post office box for people to write to me. I have a few other things to take care of first before I do that, but it's on my to-do list.

Thanks everyone for your patience. I'm working on doing better on all aspects of my life, including this writerly thing I've chosen for myself.

In some other news, Sigyn's Flowers is complete . . . ish. I wasn't terribly happy with the ending but have let it rest for about a week. This morning, some inspiration struck and now to get those ideas onto the pages so the story has a better ending and won't feel so much like a chapter section. I also was aiming for a May/June publication date for the story but am finding myself reconsidering pushing it back awhile. We'll see what the critiquers have to say about it.

Up tomorrow: What I'm Currently Reading