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I'll be releasing Sigyn's Flowers on June 28th at noon central time, both as an ebook and as paperback. I'll also be hosting a meet-and-greet in which I'll have a limited number of signed copies of all publications on hand for sale.The location will be announced as soon as I have a bit of a headcount. As I'm back in Tulsa and back to working for Ihop, I want to hold it at the place where I work so I can at least provide coffee for all attending. The head count is as much for my boss as it is for me. We're not a big store so it's okay if people come for a while then leave or come later than 10 am.

This is my fourth publication and one I'm very excited to announce.

The meet-and-greet is scheduled for 10 am.
The book releases are schedule for noon.

Mark your calendars!