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 I'm very pleased to announce that Portal to Gaming is now for sale on Amazon. Currently, it's an e-book only, and the cost is $4.99.

About Portal to Gaming

Portal to Gaming is the first story in a series called Arch of Fantasy, and focuses on nineteen-year-old Fen Willows. He's the son of two universally-renowned archaeologists, Farold and Victorie Amie Willows. He attends college, following in his parents' footsteps. Though set in the distant future, post World War IV, jobs are mostly inherited. What your parents do for a living, chances are, you will do as well. Fen doesn't mind becoming an alien archaeologist. He's a curious young man, interested in learning.

School is winding down for the summer for Fen and his best friends, Wolfgang and Daniel Evans. His friends are looking forward to participating in an upcoming questing adventure called Arch of Fantasy by Portal to Gaming. Fen just wants to forget about his break up with his boyfriend. The Greco-Roman-Norse epic quest options don't thrill him as much as they do his friends, but he's willing to log in the hours with them. Fighting against Orcs and Kobolds relieves the tension. After all, it's only a game.

Or so Fen thinks. 

A stranger approaches him, starting a fight. It is this event that will be the beginning of his life turning upside down. 

Greater powers are at play, and Fen is one of many caught in the middle. His life will be turned upside down with no guarantee for the future.

About Arch of Fantasy
Arch of Fantasy is a multi-story arch with a blend of science-fiction, fantasy, and mythology. 

The second story in the series, The Sons of Thor, will follow Wolfgang and Daniel Evans as they try to make sense of everything that's happened. The sons of two top-ranking military commanders, Wolfgang and Daniel are proud, confident, and strong, but they are not prepared for what's coming. They, too, will be in for twists and turns and revelations as they seek out King Lopt's two-headed fire wyvern. Secrets will be revealed to them that will either break their spirit or make them strong.

Tentative release date for The Sons of Thor is September 28, 2014.

More about the series will be posted in later updates.