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 I'm pleased to announce that, by the end of this week, The King and Queen of Wands will be available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. Price will be announced on the publication date.

About The King and Queen of Wands
The Gods of Asgard are on edge. Rumor has it Loki and his son Fenris have broken free from their bonds, the final precursor to Ragnarök. They've prepared for this moment. They're ready to face their deaths valiantly and with honor.

Only Loki never shows. 

Instead, spring, beautiful spring starts make its appearance for the first time in years, and the mortals are slowly forgetting what was to befall them. For Odin, this is a sign something has happen to alter the course of fate. Loki's desired vengeance and justice for some time. He isn't one to let go of a grudge, and the Allfather wants to know why.

For Zeus, King of Olympus, life is good. The lands he inhabits are abundant with people and food, and he and his fellow Olympians are secure.

Until Hermes announces there are trespassers stealing food in their sacred groves. Worse yet, the Messenger claims a large black wolf accompanies them. Determined to bring the thieves to justice and to slay the wolf, Zeus sets out with two of his daughters to capture them.

Loki is hungry. For centuries, the Gods of Asgard hid him away, bound to a rock with the entrails of his son Vail and a serpent hanging over his head. His wife Sigyn endured his torment with him, and they've finally broken free. But his wife's told him something that's made him rethink his desire for vengeance and destruction upon his former allies. With his wife and son, he flees to find food and freedom.

Worlds are about to collide, and tragedy will strike. The Gods of Asgard and Olympus will never be the same again.


The King and Queen of Wands is a Tarot-inspired story and a prequel of sorts for Portal to Gaming.

About Portal to Gaming:

Nineteen-year-old Fen Willows lives an idyllic life. Both of his parents are universally renowned alien archaeologists, pioneers of the field. He studies alien archaeology and plans to follow in the footsteps of his parents, used to have a boyfriend, and enjoys spending his free time hanging around with his best friends, Daniel and Wolfgang Evans.

The idyllic life, however, is not for Fen. Earth is too boring, too bright, too shining for him, but war with the Salmorians keeps him from joining his parents as they travel to ancient civilization sites. Bored and on the heels of a painful break-up, he takes to the virtual reality simulators of Portal to Gaming, one of the leading companies in entertainment and information technology, and where he feels most at home.

There, his world is turned upside down by a stranger determined to fight him for reasons unknown. No one else sees the stranger, and Fen is left to defend his sanity on the issue.

After the confrontation, strange phenomena start to follow Fen around - moments where he stands in his gaming world and moments where destruction is raining down around him.

Unbeknownst to Fen, the war with the Salmorians runs deeper. His parents harbor secrets, ones that can change the course of the war, and his life, forever.

Portal to Gaming is available on Amazon Kindle for $3.99.


Upcoming holiday season:

Portal to Gaming 
will go on sale one more time, just in time for the holiday season. Price and run time will be announced next week.