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Portal to Gaming
Portal to Gaming is the first story in my six book series, Arch of Fantasy. Arch of Fantasy is a science-fiction/fantasy blend involving space travel, multiple worlds, and the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. The series itself features several different heroes, each with specific goals and tasks.
Portal to Gaming introduces three of those heroes, nineteen-year-olds Fen Willows and his best friends, twin brothers Daniel and Wolfgang Evans. Fen is the only child of Farold and Victorie Amie Willows, two universally renowned alien archaeologists and pioneers in the field. Set in a shining distant universe, mankind has achieved all kinds of wonderful, beautiful things, such as space travel and equality for all. Life on Earth itself is idyllic, peaceful . . . and not for Fen. He longs for travel and excitement, anything to distance and distract himself from the painful break-up with his boyfriend. However, war with an alien race known as the Salmorians keeps Fen stranded on Earth while his parents, thanks to military funding, continue to travel to dig sites, hoping to uncover anything to end the war. To gain what his heart desires the most, Fen takes to the gaming simulators of entertainment juggernaut, Portal to Gaming. Daniel and Wolfgang join him.
It is in the simulators that Fen's life takes a dramatic turn towards the interesting and bizarre. A stranger approaches him from behind and utters three words.
"Draw your sword."
He does so, but the fight never happens. Fen is whisked away to the safety of the real world where he's told no one approached him. Fen, who is suspended for two days, and his friends leave the facility.
Life is about to become more complicated for Fen. Strange events take place around him when he least expects it, and he's at a loss for how to explain them. He's convinced he's not going crazy, but Fen keeps the incidents to himself, a secret of his own to bear.
Fen isn't the only one with a secret. His parents and his best friends have a few of their own as well. The ones his parents keep are at the heart of the conflict with the Salmorians, and they are ones that will alter the universe. Forever.
Portal to Gaming is available on Amazon Kindle for $3.99
Portal to Gaming is now available on NOOK for $3.99
The King and Queen of Wands
The King and Queen of Wands is a fantasy short story, blending the Greek and Norse pantheons.
Rumors are circulating around Asgard - Loki and his son, the dire wolf Fenris, have broken free of their bonds. The time for Ragnarök, their doom, is at hand, thus putting the Gods of Asgard on edge.
Loki and Fenris never show.
For weeks, the Gods wait and prepare, wait and prepare, only for the impossible to happen.
After three long, harsh winters, spring, colorful spring blooms. The change of events disturb Odin, Allfather and King of Asgard, and he decides to investigate the truth behind the rumors. With his son Thor, he heads to the cavern where Loki and his son were bound away.
Zeus has it made. He is the King of Olympus and all the Gods. Even his elder brothers bow to his might. He has a beautiful wife in Hera, the worship of the mortals, and kingdom filled with plenty of food. The lives are the mortals are his to play with as he deems fit. Life is grand for there are no others like him.
Or so he assumes.
Everything changes the moment Hermes approaches him and says words he never expects to hear. There are trespassers in Olympus. Worse, they are stealing from the sacred groves, and they are not mortals. Curious and a bit angered, he sets out with Artemis and Athena to capture the thieves and to bring them to justice.
Loki is hungry. For centuries, he and his family have had little to nothing to eat. For centuries, he's sworn vengeance upon the Gods of Asgard for their slights and insults and for the deaths of his sons, Narvi and Vali. However, things have changed. His wife, Sigyn, needs food more than she does vengeance for the loss of their children, and Loki intends to care for her. Fortunately for him, he's stumbled into a land where food is plentiful and the weather warm. No one will mind if he takes a few things here and there.
Worlds are about to collide with interesting and devastating consequences.

This is the current listings for both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Stay tuned for the release dates for Arch of Fantasy, Book 2: The Sons of Thor and Snow in Olympus, one of the "missing" scenes from The King and Queen of Wands
Also, I do want to thank my sister, Kyla, for her hard work on the covers. I'm quite proud of her and her abilities. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
And I want to thank my best friend, Kami Simon, for constantly encouraging me to not quit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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