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Cosplay Giveaway for ShutoCon Weekend
First, this is not being run by the staff, but by me, Elise K. Ra'sha. (Hi there!) They have their own cosplay competition, and I . . . well, I have a little more specific aim and am running this rather indefinitely.
Second, I will not have books on hand for this convention. Finances have been a little tight as of late.
However, the Cosplay Giveaway is still in effect for ShutoCon. I will have a notebook on hand to take down names and addresses, and I will personally mail the copies to the cosplayers who fall into these two areas after the convention is over and after I've returned home:
Star Ocean (all characters)
Loki (Marvel, Norse mythology, Fairy Tale)
If I find you or you find me (I will be in cosplay for the weekend), I'll snap your picture, take down your name and address and then mail you a copy of one of my books, either Portal to Gaming or Sigyn's Flowers, signed. For free.
It's a limit of one book per person TOTAL. Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for delivery - I do have to order the books upon my return from ShutoCon.

Adding to this: It's paperback copies, not ebook or audio book. My books are unavailable on audio (Amazon wants exclusivity), and Sigyn's Flowers is already available as a free download. I'd rather people have more permanent copies for this giveaway than something that can be revoked on a whim.

With all of that said, I have one week left to finish all of my convention preparations, and I have work, starting tomorrow. All, gotta love the balancing acts at times!

I shut down the GoFundMe campaign. I'm rethinking a few things, and I have a major goal I want to accomplish by July 1st. I'm not entirely sure GoFundMe is the best site for what my next goals are. And, believe me, I have something very huge in mind for Tokyo in Tulsa!

Still have a lot to do get ready for ShutoCon as my time is slowly dwindling to get everything done. By the time Anime St. Louis rolls around, I want to have flyers and cards for more than just my publications. I'm so into Star Ocean. We are all fans of something.

More will come soon. I have a lot to do at this point and need to focus on that.