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Mind you, for some of these conventions, I will not have an actual vendor's booth to hand out things like flyers, excerpts, and bookmarks (and anything else I can get made for these events), but I will have things on hand, including books. Some of these convention dates are for later in the year, but getting registered when it's the cheapest is often the best way to go.

For sure, I will be getting myself registered for YoumaCon, which is in Detroit and is towards the end of October, the beginning of November. Unless I find a convention in December that appeals to me (always possible), Youma is the tentative last convention of 2017. I'm also eyeballing attending the Wizard World Comic Con, which will be in Oklahoma City this year and in October. The two that I'm currently torn between are GenCon, which is August 17th through the 20th and in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Otakon, which is August 11th through the 13th, and, as everyone knows, is in Baltimore, Maryland. I've been to Otakon before. I've not been to GenCon.

In fact, that's been a bit of a running theme with my current convention schedule. ShutoCon, which is next month, is a convention I've wanted to attend but never could after I'd learned about it. Money issues. Anime St. Louis, which is in May, is another convention I've never attended. Of the three, Tokyo in Tulsa is the only one I've attended, but it was late in the day and relatively close. In fact, for Tokyo in Tulsa, I don't even need to get a hotel. I live like five minutes away from the Cox Business Center, which is where the convention is held.

And both GenCon and Otakon have their draws. This requires some serious consideration on my part.

In the meantime, I'm going to get back to work on Ravensrealm. I'll announce in the next couple of days which of the two August conventions I'll be attending, but make no mistake. If there comes a chance for me to attend both, I will gladly take it!