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They're words I hear nearly every single day at work. They're part of a song where the singer croons about carrying on when feeling lost. I find those words to be inspiring, though there are dark days ahead for all of us. We all have a path, and it's easy to freeze, to become so scared about what could happen next, what will happen next that we don't dare move, don't dare breathe. I take from these words to keep moving. As long as you can hear the sound of your own feet as you walk, run, wheels squeaking from your wheelchair, you won't ever be lost. You might go in directions you never thought possible. You might backtrack every now and then, or you might even go a little sideways

And I have to say I'm very proud of the path I'm on. I feel stronger, more confident than I have in years, and I'm cultivating something new and exciting, at least for myself. That's definitely something to be proud of.

So my path is the sound of my feet upon the ground, the clacking of the keyboard, and the pen to paper. To thine own self, I will be true.

Ravensrealm Update:
Got a little out of the groove over the last couple of days, but today has definitely been marginally better. I am trying to get the story finished between the middle and end of February so it can go through the critique rounds. I have a publication date in mind. I'll announce it when the time is right.